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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

V8 and some focus

In the past I used to forget about the horrible taste of V8, and get a weird sudden craving for some Tomato Juice. I would buy a can, take a sip, and instantly remember. Gross! I have been drinking it every day now since I began the fast, and it is quickly growing on me. It is important that I still get the nutrients that I need to continue living, and V8 in its %100 goodness does the trick. Yesterday I got so excited when I got a little chunk in the juice that I could chew on!!

I am starting to experience some haziness... I think I need to drink some soy milk for proteins. Oddly, even through the haze I am finding extreme clarity through prayer. Through this, I am able to be extremely intentional in my prayers and what some times tends to be out of focus, is not coming clearer. I am actively seeking God's will right now, and trying to remind myself constantly to put aside my selfish desires, in order to bring glory to Him through what He has me doing at Fresh Grounds.
I am so appreciative of those who have joined me in this... I really am praying to that I am able to continue to eat healthy and exercise regularly so that my previous lack of physical fitness does not negatively effect my ability to do God's work. It is relevant even in a physical aspect that when you put garbage in, garbage comes out.
I continue to look forward to what God is doing in my heart, and how He is drawing me closer to Him. How exciting it is to have the Hope of Christ! and what a privilege it is to be used by Him!
I wont be in the coffee shop this week due to my Grandmothers passing. I will be up in Detroit for the weekend with my family. I am excited for this time that I get to spend with them, I don't get to see this side very often. Thank you for your prayers for my family. I have been reflecting on how much God can use someone to show others who He is, like He did with my Grandma and Grandpa. I want to be more like that.

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