Welcome and thank you!

Welcome! And thank you for your continued support!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update May 2012

Hello! God has been doing a lot here... a lot. We have raised all the funds for our elevator campaign! We are still fundraising for the completion of the construction upstairs... which includes a 23,000 heating and cooling system. But I have faith that God will provide. We are planning a great event though to help raise funds... an art auction! It will be July 5th starting at 6pm. We already have great pieces to be auctioned off, I am really excited about this event, and the Greenville Heritage Days is sponsoring us as their kick-off event for Heritage Days (Greenville's biggest community event).

I am still learning to be patient and fully trust in Him, that His ways are good and His timing is perfect. Especially with finances... I am still very low on support and am really struggling to meet all of my debts (my only debts being $75,000 of student loans). I am really trusting Him on this! I will be revamping my support soon, so I hope when you get info in the mail that you take the time to check it out! Especially now that we have online donating!

I have been incredibly busy... but it has been so good. Not only with everything that has been going on at Fresh Grounds... but there have been many other opportunities that have presented themselves. Such as, I am now serving as the Youth Leader for my church, alongside my best friend Terra. It is completely volunteer, but I love our youth in the church and couldn't be happier to serve in that way! I also started a young adult bible study at Fresh Grounds on Tuesday nights and we went from 4 people to an average of 15 if not more! And boy has God been moving in our hearts! It has been very challenging for all of us and it has allowed for some great growth! I absolutely love the fellowship that happens... we usually start at 8 and we are struggling to say goodbye and go our separate ways by 11 or 11:30!

I also founded the Greenville Opportunities Team (GO Team) and serve as President. The group was formed to get younger people involved in whats happening in the community. It has already out grown meeting in the conference room that we have at Fresh Grounds and we were given the opportunity to program and host the 175th anniversary of Greenville, September 2013! Me and my GO Team have also joined in with recent initiatives to bridge the gap between our local private college, Thiel and the surrounding communities. In addition to that I am also serving as President of the Penn-Ohio Collaboration of the Arts (POCA), which is an over-arching committee to help connect the disconnected artist individuals, artists groups and organizations in our region.

A lot of work is being done... I am strangely calm about it all... I am finding strength and peace from God, which gives me assurance that everything that I have been getting involved in are within His will... and I really pray that God can use me in those places and groups to glorify Him! I ask that you continue to pray for the ministry that is happening here at Fresh Grounds... and that you continue to pray for me and my heart, that I am able to continue to serve God and be honoring to Him. Thank you! If you want to know more about the things that I am doing, feel free to shoot me an email! ben@freshgroundscoffeehouse.com