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Welcome! And thank you for your continued support!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Arts Festival (FG 1 year anniversary)

I am sitting here this beautiful Sunday afternoon in my office at Fresh Grounds. I am in on my day off... the day of rest... I just came in to open the place up for a film crew that is filming part of a movie here. Kinda cool. They even used me in one of their shots. Who knows, maybe this will be my big break! I am actually happy that I came in today. It has given me some time to reflect over this past weekend.
The first ever Fresh Grounds Arts Festival in celebration of Fresh Grounds' 1 Year Anniversary of being open took place this past Thursday through Saturday. We planned this event with the help of our programming committee in February and the events sounded great! The execution of these events sounded easy... we had time. Well things always compound before they take place and the Arts Festival was no different.
The week of I started to freak out... I had a lot to do in the next few days, but God placed in me a peace that surpasses all understanding. And it truly does surpass all understanding. I knew the shear amount of things that needed to be done should have made my mind explode and my body collapse... but Thursday happened... and Friday happened... and Saturday happened... and God worked in Fresh Grounds a great community event and the fact that things went so smoothly and went out without a hitch and that everything got done that needed to get done is a God thing. So... Thank you to all of you who had this place in your prayers for the event. Here at Fresh Grounds we love serving God and our community in the unique ways that this coffee shop in Greenville is able to!