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Welcome! And thank you for your continued support!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I have the Best "Job"

Things are going great here at Fresh Grounds! I really do have a great job here. I have had a full summer, and I am spending this time now as reflection. On top of my responsibilities at the coffee shop as evening manager, this summer I also taught an Experimental Art course and a Photography course as part of the ongoing Fresh Grounds Art Program (still a work in progress). We are doing some serious fund-raising for the Program to complete the elevator campaign and renovate the 2nd floor space for the gallery and studio in which courses for the community will be taught. The classes this summer were a huge blessing. I had the opportunity to meet more people from the community and share my passion for both Christ and Art.
This upcoming Friday, September 2nd will really bring my summer to an end as my very first apprentice program is brought to an end. For the past 4 months, Kyle Marini (now in 10th grade a Greenville High School) has been spending his summer vacation as my apprentice. We hang out and make art! We have made a trip down to Pittsburgh to check out the Carnegie Art Museum. Kyle also got to go to the Toledo Art Museum and the Kalamazoo Institute of Art. It has been a blast! He is a very talent young man and the summer with him has kept me motivated as I have been pouring into his life. God has blessed me by allowing me the opportunity to grow in this way. I have really grown to love working with the youth in the area both with art and through coffee at the shop. I am excited to see what God is doing and will continue to do in their lives.
I also taught at Thiel College, in the College for Kids(CFK) program. I taught two art classes, a theatre course and a German language course. I realized this summer how crucial this part of my summer is to the ministry that God has me doing. So many of my youth at Fresh Grounds that I have gotten to know so well were also previous CFKers.
I appreciate all the prayers it is only by God's grace that he has gotten me through this very stressful and busy summer.
Please pray for continuing growth in financial support. I unfortunately am still half way to the amount needed. Also, to keep in your prayers... I am currently working with an artist from Pittsburgh on a 48foot by 36 foot mural for Greenville and there is a lot that God can do through this experience. I also have another batch of classes coming up, I am helping with this design aspects of a local initiative for creating a new playground for our public park. We are also continuing with the Phase 2 campaign for the Art Studio and Gallery. Most importantly for the youth as they go back to school.
Thank you for checking up on what's going on!
Love in Christ
Barista Ben