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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Lulls

In retail, January and February are the slowest months of the year. The weather, the money crunch after the holidays and the high number of Americans that suffer from seasonal depression all factor into the low volume of customers retailers experience. Fresh Grounds has been able to keep a steady influx of customers throughout January and hopefully it will continue throughout February as well... however, there have been some lulls. What a blessing these lulls have been! Because of the slower business, it has really allowed for some great conversations with customers which has been really encouraging and has been playing itself out outside of Fresh Grounds as well.

Fresh Grounds really lends itself to conversation with our customers and allows for ministry to be carried out in such a relaxed way... a very relational way. These God conversations that I have been having with customers and with volunteer Baristas have happened so naturally, I am very excited to be where I am at, here in this amazing ministry, continuing to grow as a believer and seeing God work in the lives of those in my community!

Becoming so comfortable in the Fresh Grounds environment talking about God, what He is doing in my life, about His Love and Grace and about the Truth in His Word with both believers and those seeking has started happening more and more outside of the Fresh Grounds environment. Although I was able to have such conversations outside of my home, or church, or church group I was never really the person to start the conversation or really speak up... and I am starting to become this person. I am excited to see God working my job in Ministry outside of the building in which our ministry takes place... and this is what He calls from all those who believe! I am thankful that He has been revealing this to me the past year.

I ask for your prayers and I continually pray that the Holy Spirit is with me as I have these conversations that I step aside and am able to listen when I need to listen and speak Truth when I need to speak Truth, because it is only through the Holy Spirit that God will be glorified in these conversations. I am so thankful that it is not what I can do, but it is what He does, because sometime I get freaked out!

Pray that God uses me and Fresh Grounds to bring Glory to Him so that He may be known and that the people who I have these conversations with do not see Ben, but that they may see Jesus. I am so thankful of the work that God has done in my life and how He has brought me to this ministry that happens to be a coffeehouse. And I am thankful for the blessings, for the support from other believers!
Thank you for your prayers! Stop in and lets have a God conversation!

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