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Monday, February 21, 2011


I have been on a documentary watching kick for the past couple of weeks. A week ago I finally found on our Wii Netflix a documentary that I have heard a lot about from people in my small art sphere. Exit through the gift shop is this 8 year span project documenting the lives of a few street artists with the bulk of the film focusing on the guy behind the camera... It ends with a twist that would leave any artist watching the film both inspired and upset. I thought to myself at the insanity of the reality that so much of the contemporary art that we see in our museums today (the common blank white canvas for example) really gains its value from a small elite group... and because they say it is the next biggest thing or an amazing work of art it becomes the next biggest thing or an amazing work of art. The documentary was pretty good and any art enthusiast or artists reading this blog should check it out.

So as I continue to make art, teach art and criticize art with the hope allowing God to use my talents for His glory, I am strengthened (even in what some might consider an artistic hopelessness) by the idea that no elitist in the world has quite the power that my God has. I am not looking for God to criticize my art, but rather my heart. No documentary will ever be made of Ben Beck (the artist), a sad reality. But that sad worldly reality it not sad when looking beyond these worldly accomplishments or sense of success, in fact they are meaningless. Therefore, I simply pray that God uses my talents for His glory and that it will be pleasing to Him.
Another documentary that really got me thinking was I.O.U.S.A.(long overdue, but I finally watched it). It is a depressing story of our wonderful nations deficits. This shocker of a documentary will hopefully wake up "we the people" and really work on fixing our BIG debt problems, both as a nation and as individuals. Fortunately, with how scary and depressing the film may be, I have a hope that is great in the Lord. For those who might watch the film with their faith in anything other than Jesus Christ... the hopelessness in our world is too overbearing.
I am what some may call aliterate... I will wait til the book is made into a movie. All this docu-watching was accomplished during my long recovery from a horrible virus that left me 10 pounds lighter and unable to eat food for 5 days. A much needed break from my busy schedule and ample time to catch up on my Psych marathon.
This past Sunday at my church (Youngstown Metro Church), sans pastor, we watched a... documentary. Only half of it... we are continuing next week... so this post will be (to be continued...)

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